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A dumbbell set is what you need if you want to build your upper body muscles while saving much-needed room space. It comes with different bars, as well as different weight plates to making lifting convenient. The dumbbell set’s design allows you to gradually increase the overall weight. This helps boost muscle mass and strength while reducing the possibility of sustaining injuries. If you are thinking about building muscle mass, you can either buy a dumbbell set with iron bars that you attach weight plates to or a set with selection dials to regulate the resistance.

It is important not to leave out lifting when you are trying to develop your upper body strength. Carrying dumbbells is an integral aspect as it corresponds with how your joints and muscles normally move. Just as anything you purchase should be of quality material, a quality dumbbell set will last longer than cheap ones. The dumbbell is a versatile workout tool, and you can incorporate it into different exercises. You can buy vinyl, rubber-coated, or cast iron dumbbell sets for your home gym.


Different Types of Dumbbell
There are different types of dumbbells, and it all depends on your personal preferences.

Adjustable dumbbells: The adjustable dumbbell has a knob on the handle for adjusting the weight. You simply twist the knob to select your desired weight. Although weight selection is relatively easy, the adjustable dumbbell is too heavy to carry around.

Dumbbell sets: The dumbbell set is similar to the adjustable set, meaning you can increase or reduce the weight any time you like. It has several weight plates that you fix manually. It takes longer to set up, but it is cheaper than the adjustable dumbbell.

Fixed dumbbells: The entirety of the fixed dumbbell is one solid mass. You cannot increase or reduce the weight, which means you will have to buy several dumbbells of different weights. The fixed dumbbells typically come in a round or hex shape. The shape does not alter the weight, but it changes how they move.

Fixed Dumbbells vs. Adjustable Dumbbells

The pros of buying a fixed dumbbell are quite alluring. A set offers better durability, handiness, longevity, and it is easier to use.

However, despite the pros that come with owning a fixed dumbbell, it is not that common in gyms. This is as a result of finance and space limitations.

The adjustable dumbbell is of two categories: Selectorized adjustable dumbbell and plate-loaded adjustable dumbbell. They are usually not that expensive, and you can use them in tight areas. However, their durability is questionable, and you need more time to adjust the weight before using it.

Still, dumbbell types can be divided by material. The popular types on the market nowadays include rubber, cast iron, and some old-fashioned dumbbell is made of concrete inside the outer shell. Also, dumbbell set comes in different shape, such as hex or gear shape.

How Much Dumbbell Weight Should You Use?
When you are lifting dumbbells, you need to consider the overall weight. Lifting more weight than needed produces negative results in terms of muscle growth. It even affects your ultimate fitness target.

Each exercise you do should determine the weight of the dumbbell you use. For example, you should use lighter dumbbells when targeting smaller muscles like your triceps, located on the back of your upper arm. When you are targeting larger muscles like your back and shoulder muscles, you need heavier dumbbells to provide the required tension.

For starters, men and women require different dumbbell weights. Women should stick to lifting dumbbells between 0.5kg to 5kg. Women who just began strength training should stick to a 0.5kg dumbbell to get their muscles accustomed to lifting heavier weights. Women who already have strength training experience and visit the gym for regular workout sessions should use the 5kg dumbbell. For men, beginners without any experience should stick to the 5kg weights. That way, they prepare their bodies for heavier lifting while avoiding potential injuries. Experienced male athletes, on the other hand, should use the 10kg dumbbell.

For veterans, they might have a larger set of dumbbells in their houses, like a rack of dumbbell in a gym. Professional players use different weight dumbbell for various purpose. For example, small weights are used for warm-ups, and larger weights are used for strength training to achieve greater dimensional muscles. But for most of us, we don’t need to buy a dumbbell rack because one pair of adjustable dumbbell set is enough under most conditions.

Adjustable Dumbbells vs Fixed Dumbbells
Fixed dumbbell sets offer the better overall durability, longevity, convenience and ease of use, compared to adjustable dumbbells. However, as I’ll discuss in the next sections, a fixed dumbbell set is sometimes an inaccessible option due to budget and/or space restrictions.

There are two types of Adjustable Dumbbells: plate-loaded adjustable dumbbells and selectorized adjustable dumbbells. Adjustable Dumbbells can cost less and take up less space; but they do require some amount of time to adjust when needed and are somewhat less durable.

Popular Dumbbell Brands
We have listed the more popular brands in the category of dumbbells, according to their search volume popularity. Capbarbell, Corehomefitness, NordicTrack, Gold’s Gym, Bowflex, Powerblock, Neoprene, Weider, Rougefitness. Of course, this does not mean that the brand-name goods are premium. Brand-products often mean higher prices. During my search, I found that the adjustable dumbbells on our website were cheaper than the same items from the two or three brands on the above.

Dumbbell Online and Offline stores
One thing for sure is that, dumbbells are special among many online shopping items. Because of its huge weight, it is often accompanied by high delivery costs. You may find stores tell you “free shipping”, that is because the shipping fee is included in the item price. Though I can't guarantee that buying dumbbells in an offline store will be cheaper than online. However, in superstores like Wal-Mart, Costco and Target, sometimes we can encounter discounts, which is very good for buying large items.