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Electric skateboards—otherwise known as electric longboards—are becoming increasingly more popular amongst people, especially teens and young adults. Out of seven skateboarders, it is estimated that one will intend to purchase an electric skateboard.

Some might ask, “Why I should choose to buy an e-skateboard just because it’s electrically powered?” In response, I invite you to reminisce on the massive difference between before and after the fuel vehicle’s appearance. The electric skateboard is also comparable to the rising popularity of motorized scooters.

Below are FAQs from our customers:


How much does an electric skateboard cost?
Generally, one electric skateboard costs between $200 to several thousand dollars. While the price point depends on many factors, it can often reflect the quality of the product.

Why should I choose an electric skateboard?
  • First and foremost
An electric skateboard is an excellent idea due to its popularity. If you click on this page with intent, you probably already know how to ride a skateboard and are curious about the alternatives. As its popularity continues to skyrocket, you might find more and more e-skateboards around you. The e-skateboard is not just a simple device; instead, it is a topic of conversation or a ticket to open a new world. You will access new friends who have the same interest as you, providing you with a community of passionate and fun individuals.

  • Secondly, commuting time-saving
Usually, driving traditional vehicles costs a lot of time, especially when you encounter traffic jams or roadside accidents. In contrast, the e-skateboard can save your time and enable you to enjoy almost the same speed as driving a vehicle downtown.

  • Thirdly, relaxing
There is no doubt that a regular skateboard is driven by human force, which means you need to propel yourself forward with the legwork. This energy-consuming process is exhausting, increasing the time and energy you must spend travelling for a long day. Give your body a rest by trying out an e-skateboard and ride in style.

How do I choose the perfect electric skateboard?
  • Size
Do you want a compact e-skateboard or a larger one? This is similar to buying a vehicle, but the difference is that you need to carry the board with your hands. So, when choosing a board, considering your strength and stature is essential. Furthermore, equipment size usually affects the motor power, which can also impact your travels.

  • Motor
A motor is like the CPU of a computer. The engine directly influences the skateboard's performance, including its peak speed, grade ability, and more. If you would like a device with excellent performance, you should consider buying one with at least a 1000W-power motor. Alternatively, if you'd like a board with average speed, then an engine with hundreds of Watts is enough.

  • Battery
The battery determines the mileage of the skateboard. Do you want one with a 20km or 40km mileage? That depends on your commuting distance. Remember that longer battery life is also helpful, as this lessens the need to charge your e-skateboard consistently.

  • Wheels
It's essential to first consider the material of the wheel. Usually, PU material is hard-wearing and durable, which means you only have to change the wheel from time to time. The second consideration is the size of the wheel. Larger wheels are best at dealing with complex road conditions. The best method is to try riding a traditional skateboard with multiple wheel types before purchasing an e-skateboard.

  • Deck material
Be sure the deck is solid enough to comfortably support your weight and then some, or you might fall from the device. Most boards on the market are made of maple wood, along with other composite materials.

  • Warranty
Because this piece of equipment is not as cheap as a regular skateboard and the device is filled with electric components, glitches or problems are difficult to manually repair. If you seek help from repair stores, this could involve enormous spending. For that reason, it's recommended to purchase an e-skateboard with a warranty.

  • Customer service
If you are a rookie in this field, you will need instructions before expertly riding an e-skateboard. You might also encounter problems after receiving the equipment. In these situations, an e-skateboard with helpful customer service is the best way to ask for help.

  • Special function
When purchasing an e-skateboard, you may like additional functions for an additional price, such as a Bluetooth speaker, vibrant-colored lights, etc. If these additions suit your fancy, there are always products to choose from; if not, you can add the accessories by yourself.

How do I ride an electric skateboard?
This process should be easy if you are good at riding a bicycle; if not, don't worry. Regardless of your experience level, this can be quick to learn.
  • 1. Find the correct placement for your front foot and back foot.
  • 2. Stand on the board and ensure that your stance is solid enough.
  • 3. Learn how to control the skateboard through remote control. Start by accelerating the board from the low gear to higher gear.
  • 4. Learn how to break. You can first try this at a low speed.
  • 5. Control your body's center. This is necessary if you want to turn or change your direction.
  • 6. Practice. Practice makes perfect.
How do I clean and maintain the equipment?
Use both a wet and dry cloth to clean your e-skateboard. It is much better to use the cloth to wipe the skateboard rather than rinsing it under water due to the vulnerable electric components. Maintenance: Clean the surface, and if there are any chips or cracks in the board, use glue or other materials to fill the dips and make the board flat. Battery: Check the battery life with a voltmeter; this can also determine the battery's peak performance. Wheels: Determine if the wheels are heavily worn. If so, you can change the wheels. Bearings" Use lubricating oil to make the bearings rotate smoothly.