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Indoor gardening increases the probability of high yields because you have a high initiative to control the variable factor, which is rather challenging to realize in outdoor environments. But even if you know indoor gardening is more effective than outdoors, what do you need then? With a grow tent!

It is excellent at providing users with flexible control on their plant’s turnout. This is because plants are closely kept in a specific and enclosed area, which means the whole closed environment variables are under your control. The more professional you are at planting, the more yields are you going to obtain.

However, with so many types and sizes of grow tents. How are you supposed to distinguish which one is most suitable for you? Come, look at the following Q&A.


Are grow tents worthwhile; why you should use a grow tent?
Indoor grow tents enable you to control the specific environment accurately than in the open ground, or open-ended grow room. You can have almost all the factors in your own control, from temperature to humidity, air level, and illumination time. This is much easier to regulate your plants than any other kind of planting mode. Besides, you can choose to have a big or small tent totally on your needs.

Not every planting-fancier has access to a fancy garden or greenhouse, but it’s much convenient to place a tent in your house, whether indoors or outdoors. With a grow tent, you don’t have to worry about designing and maintaining problems. Once you install the tent, you are immediately to grow your plants.

In addition to the space occupation problem, the other critical factor you have to face is your location climate. If you live in a warm or pleasant climate where it isn’t suitable for planting condition, or the soil condition is not enough to supply nutrients, then you might waste a lot of energy while coming to nothing in the end. If so, using a grow tent is worthwhile.

How to build a grow tent?
1. Check the components and build up the metal frame;

2. Unzip all zipper of the tent and pull up the tent shell on the shelf;

3. Pull the bottom of the tent shell to cover the frame base and put the hanging bar on the top of the frame.

4. Put the extra floor tray in it to keep the tent clean.

How big of a grow tent do you need, how many plants can a grow tent hold?
Firstly, you may need to measure the width, length and height of your room space and decide how much space you intend to place a tent. The tent should be a little smaller than space in order to assemble and set up quickly.

The following data is listed be a reference as to how many plants you can grow by adapting different size tent. Also, it depends on your plants:

2’ × 2’ grow tent – 1 – 2 plants

2’ × 4’ grow tent – 2 – 4 plants

3’ × 3’ grow tent – 2 – 4 plants

4’ × 4’ grow tent – 4 – 6 plants

5’ × 5’ grow tent – 4 – 10 plants

How to increase humidity in grow tent?
The first two lists are for lowering the humidity level, and the last one is to raise humidity.

1. Take the use of ventilation equipment in your to grow tent. This requires you to have a skilful knowledge or technique to operate the ventilation, such as how often you should turn on and turn off.

2. Use a grow tent dehumidifier to decrease moisture. You can look into this product by searching on websites.

3. The easiest way is to turn off your ventilation system. Or you can place a basin of water in the tent.