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What is Hanfu? Hanfu is the traditional costume of the Han nationality. It is different from other nations in terms of style and clothing system. We can hear many sounds about “Chinese cloth ” “traditional Chinese clothing ” “Chinese dress” Chinese Hanfu is one of the traditional Chinese clothing. The styles of Hanfu in different dynasties are different, the patterns and color are also various. Hanfu dressing is becoming more and more common. Hanfu females wearing and Hanfu males wearing can be seen anywhere in our daily life, and even more surprising is the Hanfu wedding dress.


What is the difference between cheongsam and Hanfu?
The cheongsam in the Ming Dynasty was a product of the combination of Chinese and Western, and the cheongsam was improved by referring to the Qing Dynasty costumes, so it is completely different from Hanfu.

What is the meaning of Tang Hanfu and Ming Hanfu?
Tang Hanfu is the style of clothing that appeared in the Tang Dynasty. Ming Hanfu is the clothing style that appeared in the Ming Dynasty.

Hanfu vs Hanbok vs Kimono
  • Hanfu
Hanfu is richer in terms of collars, skirts, and so on. The right gusset is the most typical feature of Hanfu. The correct one is "left pressing the right". The person on the other side looks like a "Y" shape. The characteristics of the upper and lower clothes of Hanfu have a profound influence on Hanbok and kimono.

  • Hanbok
The characteristics of Hanbok, Ming-made Hanbok + Korean peninsula's native national costumes, are influenced by Hanbok. Women's Hanbok is composed of short tops and loose skirts. The biggest feature is bright colors, complicated patterns, gorgeous and elegant.

  • Kimono
The kimono is a Japanese national costume. Its sleeves are square (square sleeves), the whole is straight, and the waistband is very wide (wide belt), knotted, just like carrying a small pillow (tie into Before the Tang Dynasty, Japanese kimonos were mostly primitive colors, but under the influence of Tang Dynasty culture, the colors of kimonos began to become richer, and there are these gorgeous kimonos today.

Can foreigners wear Hanfu?
Modern Hanfu is no longer confined to the Han nationality. It is a symbol of beauty and an external manifestation of the spirit of the national culture. Regardless of ethnic minorities or foreigners, all are welcome to join the ranks of colleagues.