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A kotatsu is a low-in-height, wooden table frame, usually covered by a blanket, upon which a tabletop covered. Underneath the table is a heat source, and the heat source can be electric or charcoal. The kotatsu is mainly popular in Japan, and Japanese culture is very different from Western culture. In western culture, people are not likely to sit on the ground for a long time, but it is pretty regular for Japanese people to do this.

The blanket covered on the table is also called Futon. It is often thick, similar to a quilt, and you can put your lower body under the kotatsu to enjoy the warmth. The traditional Futon is thick and heavy, but there are lighter ones available, either.

Sitting around the kotatsu is an economical and pleasant way to keep the body warm and enhance emotional relationship. It can also serve as a station to work, eat.


How to select a kotatsu blanket?
Most of the Kotatsu tables don’t attach with a blanket/futon. Hence you’d better get one separately. Some people prefer to buy several futons because this enables them to change futons whenever the old one is dirty. But when you buy a blanket, make sure the size fits your kotatsu and the patterns match your taste. The price is quite different depending on the texture and quality you want to buy.

How to wash the kotatsu blanket?
Kotatsu futon is must suitable for hand wash or dries clean. It cannot be machine washed because the cotton inside will be damaged.